Papia Das Baul, being simultaneously based in India and Europe, is an internationally prominent fine artist, poet and a Baul singer. As a unique versatile personality she is a brand name in poetry and painting with her signature name Papia Ghoshal. After having spent more than twenty years of her life with the Bauls and the fakirs of rural Bengal she acquired her spiritual and musical name Papia Das Baul. Papia, being born in a kulin brahmin zamindari blue blood family and after being a successful fine artist and poet, denounced the regular conditioned family life and chose the life of the wandering minstrels. She believes in spreading, sharing and singing about the true concept of the precious word called 'love', beyond religious. social and political borders. The search for the inner self (moner manush), she thinks cannot be just confined to any particular clan, country or religion.

Papia likes to spend most of her time in solitude, mostly creating songs and paintings, at her modest baul ashram in Bohemian Prague, close to the oppidium, the holy Keltic forest at Zavist, where rivers Vltava, Berounka and Sazava are flowing in tranquility.

She is also silently giving shape to her small baul ashram (akhra), in Mahatma Gandhi Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata, India, drifting herself away from the regular fastness of the city life though the akhra is accessible to the lovers of her music. The ashram is usually active from December to mid April, while Papia Das Baul dedicates her time to India. Her akhra is dedicated to the creation of new baul songs along with sharing space, love and time with other baul saints and fakirs visiting her and doing songs, yoga, meditation, mystic dances and spreading the wise words of the old masters and practitioners.

Papia Das Baul founded her music group in Bohemia, Prague, in 2008. Prominent German sitarist Sebastian Dreyer joined her in 2014 . Papia proudly included the skillful and sweet melody of Sebastian's sitar to her baul songs which took the age old baul music to another dimension through their collaboration. Pavel Kaššai came in as an ardent follower of Papia since 2009, joining her the rhythm through his tabla. Besides introducing her group musicians to the philosophy and practices of the bauls, she also handed over the four strings baul instrument Dotara, to Sebastian and rhythm instruments Dupki, madol and dhol to Pavel, after they became the regular and main musicians of her group in Europe. All her western musicians usually travel with her to the deep rooted villages of Bengal and other parts of India where mainly baul practitioners are based. Thus they mingle with the culture and tradition from the most authentic ways, by jamming with other baul clan brothers of Papia in the villages.

European audiences get regular glimpses of baul music, it's traditions and philosophy through Papia Das Baul, since she is also living in central Europe in Prague, Bohemia and can travel when her music lovers need her rustic spiritual voice. Baul music is adored by music lovers from all over the world. In 2005, the Baul tradition was included in the list of "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by the UNESCO.

Papia, being a poet & a lyricist, is a spontaneous composer of her songs, based on the traditions, practice and philosophy of the bauls.

Many of her paintings and poems carry the strong influence of the Baul philosophy. The many art forms that she works with confidence and convictions, are interrelated to each other as they mostly have a common source and are brain children of Papia Das Baul songs.

Besides creating several significant and powerful paintings, she is the author of seven books of poems. She is the international editor of a UK based literary magazine called The London Miscellany, first founded in 1825. Papia Ghoshal is the only Indian to have won in the EU, prestigious awards like 'Medal of Franz Kafka' Award', 'European Union of Fine Arts Award', 'World Prize of Salvadore Dali'. In India she received Mother Teresa International Award along with many other national awards.

Papia Das Baul & Group (formerly known as Baul Papia & Baishnav Tantra) has already performed in many festivals and important stages in Europe & India. Guest musicians and Bauls, are regularly joining Papia Das Baul & Group, in India and abroad. Papia is sharing her knowledge about the heritage baul music to many universities and museums as a guest lecturer.

Recent concerts & performances
  • Cajomir Fest, Vysehrad Prague, 2016, 2015, 2014
  • Stadfest Chemnitz, Germany, 2016
  • London Nehru Centre, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015
  • Tagore Cultural Centre Berlin
  • Lucknow Literature Festival, 2016
  • Vyloppilli Sanskrithi Bhavan Trivandrum, 2016
  • Rabindra Sadan 2015
  • Lalon Mela Champahati 2015
  • Shaktigarh Baul Fakir Utsav 2016
  • Lalon Utsav Memory 2016
  • Bangladesh Press Club Dhaka 2016
  • Kolkata, Západočeské muzeum in Plzn, 2015
  • Jihočeské muzeum v Českých Budějovicích, 2016
  • Brandenburg Museum Germany 2015
  • Club Lucerna prague 2015
  • Semilasso- Brno 2015 and many others.

Past performances
  • Papia's Akhra - Zahájení, baulský koncert (Kolkata, 2014)
  • Exotickýkoncert v Plzni / VýstavaŠangri-La(Kolkata, 2014)
  • A Maze-In Basama, Praha
  • Kavárna Liberál (Praha, 2014)
  • Čajomír Fest (Praha, Vyšehrad, 2014)
  • Klub U Džoudyho (Praha, 2014)
  • Folklórní Restaurant Starý Vrch (Středokluky, ČR 2014)
  • Chaloupka Kultury (Hořice, SmetanovySady, ČR 2014)
  • Potála (Praha, 2014)
  • Čajovna U Mamadua (Praha, 2014)
  • Zahradní Slavnostna ZŠ s RVJ Filozovská (Praha, 2014)
  • The London Nehru Centre (Londýn, UK 2014)
  • STAR JALSA Book Fair – (Kolkata, India 2014)
  • Arambag Book Fair – (Bengal, India 2014)
  • Mullickpur performace – (Bengal, India 2014)
  • Shangri-la, Livingstone CZ (Ostrava, Czech Republic 2013)
  • Swabhumi Habra (Bengal, India 2013)
  • Birla Academy (Kolkata, India 2013)
  • Cajovna Duhovka (Prague, Czech Republic 2013)
  • Cajovna U Mamadua (Prague, Czech Republic 2013)
  • Port Concert (Kolkata, India 2013)
  • Potala – Himalaya Centrum (Prague, Czech Republic 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)
  • Rybanaruby (Prague, Czech Republic 2013)
  • Nehru Centre London (London, UK 2012)
  • Indian Embassy in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic 2012)
  • Klub Obyvatel a přátel Lhotky (Lhotka, Czech Republic 2012)
  • Radio JU (Kolkata, India 2012)
  • Film Service recording (Kolkata, India 2012)
  • Klub Obyvatel a přátel Lhotky (Lhotka, ČR 2012)
  • Refufest Festival (Prague, Czech Republic 2011)
  • Concert Jihlava (Jihlava, Czech Republic 2011)
  • Shangri-la, Livingstone CZ (Brno, Czech Republic 2011)
  • Prázdniny v Telči – CZ Festival (Telc, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Cajovna Jedna Basen (Prague, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Kulturní Dům – Salon of Artists (Dobříš, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Kulturní Dům Kaštan (Prague, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Faust Records – Music performance (Prague, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Rybanaruby (Prague, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Čajovna Pařízek (Jihlava, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Brooks Gallery – Baul performance (Prague, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Music Performance (Zahořany u Mníšku pod Brdy, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Music Performance (Brno, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Music Performance (Lázně Bělohrad, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Music Performance (Hrušovany, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Čajová Chaloupka (Smetanovy Sady – Hořice, Czech Republic 2010)
  • Shangri-la CR Livingstone CZ (Brno, Czech Republic 2009)
  • Potala (Prague, Czech Republic 2009)