Papia Das Baul, being simultaneously based in India and Europe, is an internationally prominent fine artist, poet and a Baul singer. As a unique versatile personality she is a brand name in poetry and painting with her signature name Papia Ghoshal. After having spent more than twenty years of her life with the Bauls and the fakirs of rural Bengal she acquired her spiritual and musical name Papia Das Baul. Papia, being born in a kulin brahmin zamindari blue blood family and after being a successful fine artist and poet, denounced the regular conditioned family life and chose the life of the wandering minstrels. She believes in spreading, sharing and singing about the true concept of the precious word called 'love', beyond religious. social and political borders. The search for the inner self (moner manush), she thinks cannot be just confined to any particular clan, country or religion.

Papia likes to spend most of her time in solitude, mostly creating songs and paintings More..
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